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Access & Elevator Control System
Full featured access & elevator control system are integrated onto XAD visual access control system.

Hybrid Video Surveillance
XAD accepts videos from IP
cameras as well as from analog security cameras.
Time & Attendance
Convenient and efficient Time & Attendance application is built-in.
Visitor Management
Integrated visitor management application provides full security features with convenience and efficiency.

Remote Management System
Consists of three software solutions; XAD Clairvoyance (Central Monitoring System), XAD Client, and XAD Web Client.

POS / ATM Application
Independent POS/ATM database will enable the feature of searching videos with text.
XAD Redundancy Backup System
Provides true meaning of intelligent redundancy backup. Also, enables to re-route the videos automatically and take over failed system.
ID Badge Creation System
Advanced ID Creation & Print application will provide high quality badge printing and ID Creation Process.

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