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Passive Long Range Reader up to 18 ft Reading Distance

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The RFL450 is a long range reader that reads Passive ISO Cards in a highly secured single direction. It has up to 18 feet (5.4 meter) reading distance and is capable of reading up to 5 tags per second.

The RFL450 has a high impact and scratch resistant polycarbonate housing and is 100% weatherproof for outdoor applications.

The RFL450 can also operate as Standalone reader. Registration of valid IDs can be handled directly from the reader.

RFL450 is an ideal unit for parking and vehicle control applications. Additionally, the RFL450 provides a relay for bar gate control, and has a 90-degree uni-directional antenna and reader module in a single unit.

Various OEM proprietary Formats are available. The RFL450 supports Wiegand and RS232 Formats.

It is vandal resistant and 100% weather proof, CE, RoHS Compliance, and FCC approved. Two year Warranty.

KEY Features

  • Long Range Reader: Up to 18 feet (5.4 meter) of reading distance with a Passive ISO Card
  • Offers three different Operation Mode: Stand Alone Mode, Coupled Mode, and Test Mode
  • 900MHz ISM Band
  • Built-in Antenna and Reader Scanner parts in one single reader unit
  • Encrypted tag ID and Secure Protocols between Reader and Tags
  • Multiple Tags Identification (5 Tags / Sec)
  • 90-Degrees, One-directional Antenna (optional: Omni-directional antenna)
  • Supports Standard Wiegand 26 bit, 34 bit or higher proprietary formats, and RS232 output format
  • Direct Bargate Output (2 Bargate open output)
  • OTR (One Time Reading)
  • Applications : Parking Control, Logistics Tracking, Asset Control, Personal Tracking


Model RFL450
Power DC 12V / 3.5A
Current Drain 800mA, MAX 1.5A
Frequency 910 ~ 914Mhz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
Transmission Output 1 Watt (+30dBm) / based on antenna input point
Channel Intervals 200KHz
Channel Bandwidth 200KHz
Communication Speed 40Kbps
Modulation DSB-ASK
Transmission Spectrum Mask ISO-18000-6 compliance
Spurious Transmission RFID Technology Standards compliance
Receive Grain -25dBm ~ -70dBm
Accuracy of Frequency 10ppm
Reading Distance 0.5m ~ 6m
Protocol ISO18000-6B, ISO18000-6C
Multi-tag Read 5 Tags per Second (Protocol dependent)
Polarization Circular Polarization, Optional-Vertical or Horizontal
Host Communication RS-232C, RS-485
Input 1 loop line input Port, Bar Gate S/W Input, Firmware
upgrade Pin
Output(Dry contact Relay) 2 Bargate open output
Operating Temperature -30 ~ +85 กษ
Operating Humidity 0-95%, Non-Condensing


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